What is the White Guys Chairside process?

In the chairside treatment, the client is first given a teeth-cleaning swab that they use to remove any plaque from the surface of their teeth. The beginning shade is measured and agreed upon with the use of a mirror and dental shade guide. Then, the client inserts a mouth prop and cheek retractor into their mouth.

Using the gel syringe, a tiny BB-sized droplet of gel is placed by the client onto each of their teeth that are to be whitened. The client distributes the whitening gel on each tooth with a fine tipped micro brush. The client then relaxes fully against the head rest of the chair, and the light is positioned correctly and activated. The client relaxes in the chair with the light on for 20 minutes, at which time the light automatically goes off. The client then rinses their out mouth with water.

Double Session If a second 20-minute session is to be done, the client reapplies fresh gel to their teeth and the process is repeated. After final mouth rinsing, the ending shade is agreed upon and the whitening treatment is complete. Lastly, the client is given post-treatment instructions both verbally and written, and the client takes home written post-treatment instructions and recommendations.

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